Facepaint facts

How to remove facepaint

Use a gentle cleanser – wet the face, lather, wipe off, rinse. This is best done in the bath or shower. Then repeat if required. Do not scrub your face or use a baby wipe as this will irritate the skin. If the paint has still not been completely removed – moisturise, then wash again – some darker colours may require this. My paints are water activated (not oil) so they come off with water.

Who we will not paint

I use professional, FDA approved, cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic face paint. It is comfortable on the skin but does wash off skin with water – so it’s not great to have your face painted before jumping in the pool! I use cosmetic, biodegradable glitter in my face painting designs.


I will not paint the following:

  • People with open sores or rashes
  • People with snotty noses and coughs
  • People who have said they have an extreme sensitivity to any products used on their skin. If concerned, we can do a test patch on the inner arm and wait 30 minutes – however, if painting on a child, it is the parent’s decision if they should choose to proceed with painting after this test has been conducted
  • It is the parent’s decision if children under the age of three should be painted. Their tolerance to sit for the duration of painting or smearing the paint on their parent is usually the cause of age limits – arm, hand or quick cheek art are options.

If you are aware of any of the above concerns, please advise and discuss this with Basalt Beasts, as other options may be pre-arranged for that person.

Bling facts

Bling is included in my base fee for event bookings! My handmade bling (gem stones, clusters or clay sculptured horns) are reusable and are adhered with cosmetic glue or medical grade tape. These are provided based on the stock supply so designs will vary. The birthday/special person receives a bling cluster, unicorn or monster horn of their choice. A basic bling is also included for guests, or you can choose to upgrade the guests to more elaborate horns or gem cluster blings.


If you have an allergic reaction to band aids, medical tape is not recommended. If you have an allergic reaction to latex, cosmetic glue is not recommended. It is your responsibility to advise Basalt Beasts if this is the case.

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