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Facepainting, hair braiding and more - Bundaberg

Hair braiding

Hair braiding Bundaberg – Basalt Beasts braid amazing mermaid braids also known as festival braids, these are dutch braids with colourful hair extensions. Great for festivals or school holidays. Or enquire about braiding for your sleep-over or birthday party.

Our school braids are also popular (no colour extension).


Also available – detachable ponytails, hair feathers (emu and rooster) and hair wraps.

Boy dressed as superhero with Batman glitter tattoo

Temporary tattoos

Glitter tattoos, using bio-degradable glitter. Or temporary transfer tattoos. Both great for events, especially pool parties. Bio-glitter tattoos last for days!

Bundaberg facepainter Basalt Beasts Cane Toad facepainting

Face painting

Looking for event facepainting in the Bundaberg region? Facepainter-Amy takes bookings for parties, painting anything from cane toads to princesses. 

Plus, Amy hand-makes an amazing array of bling for boys and girls. Facepainting bling includes pretty gems or monster horns, adhered using medical grade tape.

Facepainting Bundaberg for princess parties, monster masks, boys, girls and grandparents alike, all love Basalt Beasts creations.

If you’re looking for a themed facepainter, Amy is happy to dress to your party theme too.

+ professional grade paints, insured, vaccinated and full of fun!

Basalt Beasts Bundaberg facepainter hair and bling

Event booking extras

We include bling in our event booking fee. However we also have a wide range of other extras to make your party special and memorable. When you enquire about an event booking Basalt Beasts will email you information on what is included in the base fee and optional extras you may select.

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