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Hair braiding - what you need to know before booking...

Please contact me via messenger for events including facepainting. 
Info on braiding appointments is below…

Who can be braided
Anyone! Braids are not just for kids! Your hair must be past the nape of your neck for some braid styles (including mermaid braids.
Price and product
I only use the best synthetic hair available on the Australian market. Unlike jumbo, rainbow style hair, the genuine Kanekalon hair I use is soft, reflective, light weight and will not ignite if held to a flame. It will not damage your natural hair. It is a low temperature hair so I can heat set the ends of the synthetic braid, this makes the synthetic hair flexible and sealed to last longer. I have colourful and natural tones in stock.
There are many cornrow styles are available (see prices on the booking link below). If you’d prefer a cornrow braid style (with or without extensions) which is not listed, please message me and request a price. 
Please be aware; my prices are dearer at markets where I have to pay a fee for the stall.
How to book
Please make appointments via the appointment app – see the “Book Now” button below. I’ll also request a photograph and description of your natural hair, and some ideas for colour choices. 

The pain…

Most people happily enjoy the braiding experience. However some people are hyper-sensitive.


Please be aware; if your child cannot sit to have mermaid braids completed you must pay the full cost of the appointment. It is up to you to determine if they should have their hair braided.


☀️ I always want children to walk away happy, so if they cannot have the braids completed due to discomfort I give them a detachable ponytail they can have plaited into their hair again and again!


☀️ Although I’m as gentle as possible, there is tugging. If your child hasn’t previously had normal braids or can’t have knots brushed out of their hair without crying – you may wish to consider their discomfort before booking. If a child is in hysterics because they are too sensory for braiding I may refuse to finish the braid. 


☀️ They will be sitting for an hour or two. I have streaming channels on TV for their entertainment and they have a break between braids. I also have lollipops to keep them distracted. Feel free to bring their iPad – you can access my WIFI.
Colour choice
I try to accommodate people’s colour preferences. I have a great selection of colours (including natural) but during school holidays I cannot guarantee colour availability. If you have very specific needs please let me know via a note in your booking and a message.

Long lasting

Braiding is good for your hair, helping it grow by protecting it from heat, pulling, breaking and split ends. In the best conditions, smaller cornrow styles can last up to 6 weeks. It depends on your care, hair texture, size of the cornrow and activities (like swimming) as to how long they will look neat. Mermaid braids are commonly left for one to five weeks. If you want something long lasting, particularly if you have thick hair, it’s best to opt for 4 to 6 cornrows or add micro braids. Also braids on the top of the head last longer (ie. Not braiding all the way to the nape of the neck).


Hair that can’t be braided

  • Short hair – this will result in short bits sticking out
  • Hair that has been dyed one week prior to the appointment
  • Alopetia areata (spot baldness) braiding can worsen your condition
  • Scars on the head less than 2-3 years old. Even older scars on the head I will not part hair on the scar, but around it to reduce tugging on the wound
  • Irritation, psoriasis, dermatitis or fresh wounds on the head
  • If you have head lice.


Payment methods
I have EFTPOS (Square reader) or you can pay cash.
Cancellation policy

☀️ If anyone is sick or feeling ill please cancel your appointment.

☀️ If you need to cancel your appointment, do so via the app and please message me 0427763697 and specifically state that you are cancelling and why.

☀️ Cancelling an appointment may mean someone else can have a happy day getting their braids done.

☀️ If you fail to cancel and provide notification you will not be able to book again in future, unless you choose to pay 50% of the appointment fee for the appointment you have not showed up to.
I welcome all feedback! Good or bad, please tell me.

How to get ready for your appointment

This advice is designed for your comfort and to give you the best braid job possible.



Don’t trim/cut your hair before the appointment if you’re having braided extensions – it will be difficult to tuck the ends into the braid if your hair is all one length (ie. a blunt cut).



Don’t dye your hair 1-2 weeks before your appointment – this makes hair slippery and your braid won’t be tight.



Don’t wash your hair 2-4 days prior to the appt. Your braids will end up neater and last longer. If you prefer to wash your hair, do it the night before at latest and don’t use any mask, treatment, hair conditioner or oil to avoid making the hair slippery. 


  • It’s ok to wash normally if you’re having half upstyles/side or top braids.
  • If you have afro-textured/tightly coiled hair please come detangled, plaited (not blow dried) and freshly washed and dry.


If your hair is frizzy/curly to obtain best results, it is a good idea to straighten it with the hair drier and paddle brush (not hair straightener as it will make the hair too slippery).


Do not tie hair in a high ponytail (a low pony or a plait is fine).


Don’t swim in salty water after washing your hair, this will increase tugging.

Check for head lice the night before.


Have your hair brushed, free from knots and completely dry.


On the day:

Park in the driveway, my address is 10 Beachcomber Place Bargara


I accept both cash and card (Eftpos available).

Hair charms are available at a small additional cost.


If anyone is ill on the day please cancel your appointment.


If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please do so via the booking app and send a message to 0427763697 clearly stating you’re cancelling and why.


Other info:

If your hair is exceptionally thick I may suggest an alternative style (time permitting). This will help reduce the thickness of the braid and improve your comfort and length of time the braid will last. Additional costs apply.


I leave fringes out of the braid in most cases, as they will otherwise stick out of the braid like an echidna.


After care:

Some cornrow styles can last 5-6 weeks. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase or durag can help them last longer. I keep durags in stock if you wish to purchase one. Also try to avoid wetting your hair. However, if you swim or get them wet it’s not the end of the world. Just pat dry (don’t rub hair with a towel) then let them air dry. Do not use a hot blow drier on the braid.

Two sisters with colourful braids looking at each other
Mermaid braids with extensions $90
Bundaberg braids with extension hair added. Girl with pink braid
Speed braids with extensions $70
Mermaid braids + micros with extensions and wrap around the braid $100+ (great for thick hair)
Bundaberg braids, seven cornrows natural hair
7 cornrows (no extension) on natural hair

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